Terms and conditions of Backup My Website

Please read Terms and Conditions before of any action on the website.
If you do not agree the terms and conditions listed bellow than please do not use our backup platform.
Terms and conditions for platform Backup My Website are made by company Tamas Ovidiu-Valer P.F.A with location Romania VAT identification number 33577014, terms and conditions are between the above company and final user.


1.1 You must protect the username and password of Backup My Website account
1.2 If you suspect that someone has access your account you must contact us imediatly and you must change your password, this is done via your email account
1.3 Your account email will be used by our system for notifications, promotions


2.1 The user can terminate his account any time
2.2 In case of 2.1 the amount that has been payed for the services cannot be retourned
2.3 If we suspect that from user account has been done some ilegal activity on the website we can suspend the account with email notification for this action
2.4 In case of 2.3 the amount that has been payed cannot be retourned


3.1 You must have a valid credit card
3.2 For the moment we accept just PayPal payments

3.3 The amount that is computed for your package it is the same amount send to your bank, if there are any fees from your bank than we cannot compute them.


4.1 We cannot provide the warranty for the services of our backup platform in the following sitations:
  • Major electic breakdown
  • Major internet connection problem on our server side
  • Maintainance day - server migration - server upgrade - software upgrade


4.1 Trial period can be modifyed from time to time it is not fixed
4.2 Trial account can be suspended/deleted if trial period has passed and user did not make any payment


5.1 We will not share in any situation whether or not you that you are a client for us
5.2 Personal data will be used only for billing purposes or to contact you
5.3 Backup information and archives stored on our servers and are password protected, in secure environment, nobody except the account holder can get in possession of connection data or backup archives.


In case of dispute we will try to handle the situation internal.
If this is not possible then in case of trial the dispute will be governed by laws of Romania.

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Tamas Ovidiu-Valer P.F.A.
Company identification number: 33577014
Romania, Mosnita Veche Str. Domino Nr. 31
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