How to backup my MySql database

In this article I will try to reveal the benefits that comes if you schedule your backups in Backup My Website platform.

I will do a comparison between CPanel MySql backup and Backup My Website MySql backup.

a) CPanel MySql backup
1.Login into CPanel
2.Under the files section, click on Backups
3.Under Download a MySQL Database Backup - click on desired database - it will automatically download a backup of your database in format *.sql.gz

b) Backup My Website MySql backup
1.Login into Backup My Website plaform, if you do not have an account you will do one in 20 seconds Register
2. Go to your CPanel in Databases section select Remote MySql and add our IP address there
3. Enter in Backup My Website at My Databases and select Add Database
3.1 Enter MySql params for connection
Port (default post)
Your connection will be checked and if it is ok you can go to the next step
3.2 Select backup day and time

That's it.

So if we compair the methoths you will say that the first one is more easy. Yes it is:) If we put togheder the advantages and disadvantages we will came at one conclusion.

a) CPanel

- you must repeat this procedure each time you want a backup

b) Backup My website

-At first time is seems more difficult but you will do this just once, after that the platform will keep the connection data an you cam modify the connection any time
- You will have a dedicated cron this will run continuosly without a human interaction
- You will have a password protected archives
- Possibility to make any time a backup on demand with just one click
- Notifications on your register email each time your backup cron is been executed
- And not the last You will have a backup history that you can upgrade any time

All the best and safe backups!

Posted: 2015-08-14 12:12:31
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