Benefits of third party backups

You are wondering why using a third party backup system?
I will point in this article the advantages of using a third party backup system

1. Safety
Online backup platforms are common those days and they offer secure backups solutions. It is more safe to have your backups on backup platform that to keep the backups on your computer or external hard-drive.

Once the backup setup has been done, the backup platform take care of the backups so you can concentrate on your daily work. Your backups are available 24/7 if you have an internet connection.

If backup platform came with backup notification system then you will informed each time a backup has been done. The notifications can contain relevant data about the backup like space and backup time so you can see your server response time based on this data.

4.Backup history
Most of the backup platforms have a backup history system implemented so you can have the benefits of using this. Let's suppose we have a real situation that someone have deleted accidentally one good article from mistake or let's suppose that something worse has append: your database has been corrupted, in this situations you can go in your backup account and just restore the database from your backup history.

Overall you can see the benefits of using a backup system just from this upper points.The benefits of online backup are many; just be sure that your online backup service fits your needs.

All the best and safe backups!

Posted: 2015-10-01 15:08:46
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