First press article

And the first press article:)
We hope that will not be the last
"I have an account with a local server company that I opened several years ago. It includes hosting space for a couple of small websites. I haven’t had any issues in the past, but that doesn’t insure the

Benefits of third party backups

You are wondering why using a third party backup system?
I will point in this article the advantages of using a third party backup system

1. Safety
Online backup platforms are common those days and they offer secure backups solutions. It is more safe to have your backups on backup platform that

How to backup my MySql database

In this article I will try to reveal the benefits that comes if you schedule your backups in Backup My Website platform.

I will do a comparison between CPanel MySql backup and Backup My Website MySql backup.

a) CPanel MySql backup
1.Login into CPanel
2.Under the files section, click on

How to backup my website

There are multiple ways to backup a website. I will present you a comparison between how to backup your website from a CPanel interface and how to backup your website with our Backup My Website platform.

CPanel website backup example

1. Log into CPanel.
2. In the Files section, click on the Backups